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Author Topic: Yesterday, I was i
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Post Yesterday, I was i
on: April 19, 2019, 02:06

Yesterday, I was in the spring, and returned to my hometown with the spring breeze. I returned to my small home from my hometown Newport 100'S Cigarettes. I was meditating. I think that there are people who have joy, mountains and mountains, joy, rivers and rivers, trees and trees... and spring has joy and embraces the joy of all things. No? Going back to my hometown experience, I really felt the joyful morning of spring. I happily picked up the camera and picked up the bags. I saw the wife who had unloaded the fat winter clothes and showed her body shape. Going down the stairs, just out of the stairs, I saw the original female leader who had just returned from the field and had a cordial conversation with the neighbors. The full smile was written on the face. After I greeted them enthusiastically, the wife followed up and listened to the female leader and said with a smile: "Do you see that this wife has always been so young?" The wife said: "Where is still young?, not young. "I know that my wife said so on the surface, in fact, my heart is beautiful." I secretly admire the female leader who really speaks, straight to the heart of both of us, my wife is happy, I am more happy, my heart is like a spring windmill bathed in the hustle and bustle to the vegetable market, the female boss who sells chicken, duck and fish meets me and smiles. Welcome, "Big brother, have to go back to the home?" I replied with a smile: "Yes." I bought chicken, fish, Sixi meatballs, quail eggs and the like. I bought it while watching other foods. Said: "You have more and more things here." The female boss said happily after listening: "Spring is warm, and there are more things to buy, just a few more, optimistic about what to buy." A muttering, muttering food, greeted the female boss, went to the vegetable shop, and the vegetable seller was also a female boss. She asked enviously: "Where are you going? Buy so many things?" Go." "How many more do you have to spend?" I said: "There is not much, it is about 200 yuan." Then I bought some vegetables from her. At this time, I saw the face of the female boss. It��s even more open, and it��s like a spring flower. It seems that the speed is fast, and I will drive out of the small town, galloping in the spring countryside, looking through the window glass, the trees on both sides of the asphalt road. Some of them whispered the little greenish green mouth, some gave birth to buds, some were long hair fluttering, facing the spring, swaying the spring breeze, some seemed to be whispering, some seemed to be swaying nodding, both Warmly expressing the greetings and greetings of the spring, the spring breeze and the spring light make them smart The village, after crossing the bridge, met with the three old willow trees on the river bank. It was not seen for a few days. It was really eye-catching. The old willow tree glowed with a new look, as I wrote in the junior high school Fan Wen: "The spring breeze is green. Liu, Chun Yu dyed the mountain..." The willow branches in front of him have hanged from the tall branches to the earth. During the thoughts, a spring breeze blew, and a few willow trees seemed to be negotiating Newport Coupons For Cartons. They swayed back and forth Newport Cartons For Sale, like countless dancers dancing. I said to my wife, "You see them happy. This is to welcome us back. I can't ignore their kindness." Then they laid down the window glass, contacted them in the spring breeze, and shared a spring at the doorstep. On the east side, I saw a green plant on the roadside, which was full of vitality and vitality. I asked my wife: "What kind of plant is this? So much, so green?" The wife is more familiar with the plants in the field than I am, and it must be said: "This is the artemisia." I saw it, still unfamiliar. However, I think that this malt grows in the early spring, when other plants have not grown up, first come to fight for spring, it is also very good-looking, unique charm. I also deliberately pulled out the noisy grasses and showed its greenness. It seemed to accept it all. When I got to the door, I heard the sparrows screaming. I looked at the left hoe and saw two sparrows in the father's small vegetable garden, sometimes jumping on the ground, sometimes on the cherry trees, vines, sometimes I cried happily, this screaming was passed to me, or I sang in the spring and entered the house Cartons Of Newport Cigarettes. I saw the 85-year-old father sitting in the hall, and did not call the old father beforehand. In order to surprise him. I put the things I carried on the low table, and my father said happily, "Oh, bring so many things?" I said, "I didn't bring much, just to go home and see." I saw the spirit of the old father. Under the shower of spring, the face is rosy, which is much healthier than the previous day. From time to time, it will give off a hearty laugh. This laugh makes me feel relieved. This is the joy that spring brings to my old father Marlboro Cheap Cigarettes. When my wife was busy picking vegetables and garnishing vegetables, I took up my family with my old father, greeted my father��s recent physical condition, recalled past events, talked about new things happening in the village, and said "the story of spring". Talking and chatting, the father's face was filled with a smile, and the speed of speaking was gradually accelerating. This is the cheerful note in the body of the old father Kang Jian. The old father still advised me to drink alcohol. I feel a little bit wrong. In the past, my father was persuading me to pay attention to my body and drink less. Why do I often advise me to drink alcohol today? I guess, this is my father's happiness. Spring is here. I want to make the spring atmosphere come out. I am happy to drink the father and son. I have been drinking for more than four hours, and by the infinite sunset. Return to the small town. Not far from it, I saw a farmer lying under the cliff. I stopped the car and approached it. It suddenly stood up. I took the opportunity to take pictures of it, and set it to the picture of Chunyang's afterglow in a picture, very vivid. I think this is the owner of the old cow and wants the old cow to experience and enjoy the joy of spring. Even if it is going to fall, he is not willing to take it back and let it enjoy the spring. I only listened to the cow, and screamed in the village. It was rejoicing in the spring, and spring was joyful. Spring also brought joy to the world, everywhere, everywhere, this joy. Only when you can taste it, can you feel it in the spring

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