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Author Topic: WeChat friends
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Post WeChat friends
on: March 23, 2019, 03:11

WeChat friends circled "Hello, Spring", and instantly made me realize that spring, really came. The rapeseeds in the mountains and the wild, the fruit trees and flowers in the forests Cigarette Tobacco For Sale Online, the colorful roadside flowers, my eyes are no longer the bare mountains and the land, changed into a colorful colorful world. Looking forward to spring in a year, spring in the spring, spring is coming, hello, spring spring river plumbing, everything reappears. Morning and late, busy for life, day after day cycle, cold clothes, hot off the cover, hungry to eat, sleepy sleep, many times, forget the season is also changing, forget the wonderful four seasons The scenery, I forgot that I used to have the plot of the mountains and the water. In fact, we all understand that "life is colorful, as long as you have a pair of eyes that are good at discovering beauty Cigarettes Newport, your life will be wonderful." Wonderful life, wonderful life, everyone deserves to have, but how many "who" really have it? "Spring River plumbing duck prophet", sensitive to the perception, the courage to pay to pay the first sweet. I am not lazy, I am too dull, when the spring has passed most of the time, I will know later, it will be too late, a lot of good things have passed away. It��s not too late, I��m here, hello, spring! Hello, I��m a flower, I��m a spring flower. Flowers are spring children, flowers are rich, how beautiful, how happy, and more enviable. A few years ago, in the spring, I didn't know what to expect Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping. In my spare time, I took a mobile phone and rummaged through all angles of the work unit. I took all kinds of cauliflower, fruit flowers and wild flowers. There is still a sense of fascination, poetry and lyrics, and I still remember the tenth day of the Spring Festival. Maybe the flowers are too beautiful, maybe people are passionate. In the spring of that year, it was much better. In the golden canola field, I and her, my current lover, we hold hands, nose with flowers, step on the side of Qingxi, and watch Chunyang. At that time, it was April Day, Lin Huiyin wrote "You are the April Day of the World" in April, the same April day of poetry. In April, Shiyue and Shiyue became my sustenance for April and became my name for her. Two years later, I married the daughter of Spring - Shi Yue. Flowers open, people smile, hello, spring! Hello, lover! Spring is warm, beautiful and smooth, if you meet a few old friends, enjoy the flowers, sit on the old, don't be happy! Drive hundreds of miles All the way, the old friends are late at night, not seen for a short time, the change is the face, the constant is the friendship, there are too many words to talk about, there are many words to talk about Cheap Wholesale Cigarettes, you know! Short After a restful night, the baby was taken to the cherry blossom forest, and the vehicles flowed all the way. The tourists were in a constant stream. Several hills were full of cars, and the food stalls stretched for a few miles. The sounds of the sounds were so busy, so lively, the spring afterwards I don��t know more than one. After taking a shuttle bus for nearly half an hour, the cherry blossom forest gradually entered the front, and the large cherry blossom forest was lost from time to time. The flowers were no longer there. The scenery was full, and it was regrettable to lose. But with old friends, this is It��s more than regrettable to be happy. The sun shines through the leaves and shines on the road. The people walk on the road Newport Gold Cigarettes, we talk while walking, talk about the past, present and future; talk about career, family and children; talk about happiness, encounter and confusion. Sleepy, stop, sit anywhere, continue to talk, continue to walk, forget the loss and regret, a beautiful day. Spring is warm, friendship is strong, hello, spring! Hello, friends have you have spring, spring has you, years old! Hello, spring!

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