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Author Topic: The spring rai
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Post The spring rai
on: March 23, 2019, 03:03

The spring rain always gives people a sense of lingering lingering, sloppy, unfinished, stunned, listening to the raindrops, sipping a cup of tea, flipping through the book; or standing in front of the window, lighting a cigarette Newport Gold Cigarettes, watching the rain Look at the sky, see the world's winds and grasses; I think, all the troubles can be washed in this drip, the spring rain, is the most beautiful movement of the heavens to the world, the silent place contains inexplicable delusions. Everyone who listens to the raindrops will always bloom with flowers and spring rain in the depths of his soul. It is the nectar of the Buddha's hands that spills into the human world, summoning everything to recover, so that every vitality can continue. I think it is soft. In the rain, the umbrella is superfluous Cartons Of Cigarettes Wholesale, no one will rush to walk, dodge this soft caress, wet hair and clothes in the spring breeze will always wet and dry. If there is a slender plaque under the oil-paper umbrella, it will be over, and the girl with a lilac-like resentment will smack my eyes in front of you. There is no long and lonely rain alley. The rain in March is still like a fog. . Occasionally disturbing this quiet whistle, or the fare of the wild dog, will eventually annihilate in the silent stretch of this moist, like a squatting window in front of the windy wrinkled window, my gaze Far away from the ancient times Cigarette Tobacco For Sale Online, it seems as if every drop of rain is dancing happily, and throwing it to the earth with the greatest joy, fearless and fearless. This is a three-dimensional embarrassment, stupid, I am tired of tea, and can continue. When the rain stopped, how can I redeem? I, like many rural youths, came to the city that I admire. Every day I lived in an infinitely cyclical life. I began to hope that one day I could be a prosperous family and have a warm home. It��s just ridiculous, some of the prosperous gaps may be a lifetime, and they can��t catch up with one third of others. I��m just an ordinary person. In order to survive, I��m running around for those unreachable beauty, and I��m inexplicably inferior. Who is there? Willing to give the poor a sweet water, let the heart of the vicissitudes get a little comfort, walk between the bustling, seeing the warmth and the impermanence, and an unsuccessful love, and a heart that often dreams, dreams are very distant nice. In order to survive and survive, what about life and innocence, is not a true or false scene, not unfair or too unfair, there are too few kind people, I do not know whether it is a pity, there are too many people are not people, I do not know Are you born with a despicable heart, those who are walking in the prosperous gap, those who are devastated by life, look tired, look at the quietly, the heart is full of jealousy and loneliness, helplessness and dissatisfaction with reality People in the countryside who have not entered the city, but like to go with the situation, do you want to escape? Is there no blood? Whenever I think about my own success, I want to beat myself. Why can��t I go into the bustling city? I don��t have any knowledge or talent. Why are there many people who are not living? It��s not hard work or reality. It��s envious of the illusion Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes. Or the reality breaks the dreams of those who walk in the prosperous gap, let many people bottom their heads, and have the inferiority that they should not have. Some people who are looking up are not the mountains and the mountains, the dust of the underground, and some people are humble and hopeless. Unfair and unsatisfactory, who cares about the sadness of others, even if it is very ridiculous, whoever says sympathy but does not do anything, but also thinks that how noble he is is now a person who has nothing to write about feelings Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons, how much helplessness in writing a heart, Today, I am very unsuccessful. I have heard a lot of truth from my parents. I seem to understand some of the words. I also want to be the pride of my parents. Adults are talented and I don��t want to live up to my parents�� expectations. But I don��t want to think about it all. Nowadays, when I am sitting alone in the house, I understand that the gap is going to change. I understand that the shortcomings are going to make up for it. Many words we understand. , But less action, bustling so appealing, think about the dream once I said, you take it up!

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