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Author Topic: someone elses
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Post someone elses
on: April 7, 2019, 07:46

someone else's house, there was no thief but it became a thief suddenly. A large bowl of stone smashed my arm and was accompanied by a curse into the ear. The girl reacted extremely sensitively and ran away quickly. I also ran, and hid in the dark lacquered hole, my heart jumped to the eyes of the blind, and did not dare to breathe. The woman didn't catch up with the girl, and looked back at me. She knew that I was in that piece of land, so I searched there and kept cursing. I am afraid that this fierce and sinister woman will hand me over to my father. I know my father's temper, and such a theft will be beaten. But this woman is not a good class, and it is really safe to say where it is. It��s not safe to hide in this horrible hole. The coldness is full of body and it keeps going. I climbed out of the damp and wet hole. There was a faint moonlight outside the hole. The moon that was hung in the night at the beginning of the month was a knife. I was preparing to cut my flesh. The woman slammed up when she heard the sound, and I rushed to escape. Out of the cornfield to the cliff, it is not the direction of the home. When I pulled the thorns and climbed onto the cliff, I actually escaped her hunt. I just have to go through a large cemetery, or I can go around at home, but that road is far from home. I hesitated a bit, turned back and talked to the woman, and also called her a voice Marlboro Red 100S Carton Cheap, I said that I really did not think about stealing her things Cheapest Cigarette Cartons. She said, come down, let's talk. I gave up and fled, thinking that I didn't think about stealing anyway, and I didn't steal it. So she came down from the cliff, and she suddenly gave me a violent blow. I almost climbed and couldn��t climb, and all the clothes were broken. It was not like a personal one. She was still playing the night. It was already deep. My father came to me and called my name. I promised my father. She let me go and go to my father. I was alone in the faint moonlight, going through the weedy twists and turns about 2 km of the path, and went home! Everyone in the house slept, the whole house was dark, and the doors were all tied. I didn't wake anyone up, my heart's grievances and my body's pain. I have no extra strength. I wandered in the corner of the house for a long time, and then stretched out the little hand just after the Children's Day. I endured the pain and reached into the crack of the door, gently removed the bolt, pushed a slit, and smashed the hungry and smashed body into the room and lay down on the bed. The sister next to me slept very well, and I couldn't sleep. After a while, my father came back and asked his mother to open the door. When he returned to the house, he slept for the next day. In the early morning, he was noisy outside. Seriously, I can't face everyone. I didn't think that anything happened, but the woman came to the door early in the morning, making a big noise and not arrogant. My father said, isn't it a tutor? How can I raise a swearing curse like a daughter who will steal? The father is a literate person who is difficult to find in many villages nearby. It is strictly known to discipline children, and when he has been insulted. However, his own biological daughter did have such a thing, and this grievance can only be taken by himself. The next day, my father brought a bag of rice (the peasant family in the mountains 20 years ago could not afford to eat rice) to apologize to others. This is the end of the matter. I thought that my father would beat me. But the father didn't, he knew it was not my intention. My mother said that her baby is so big and obedient, she is reluctant to move a finger, but let others be like this! In fact, I am not at all embarrassed, but it is even more stubborn and not long after the self, the woman��s man I got cancer, and after a few years I died, leaving her to provoke the burden of the family. I was so skinny. I didn��t have to sneak into my death and grab a little bit of my father who was supposed to be proud. The kind of grievances that have been wronged by my father has broken my heart from the fifth grade of primary school Cigarettes Online Free Shipping Usa. My tuition and living expenses have always been given by my brother, mainly the second brother. In the sixth grade of elementary school, the junior high school exam is going to the town to take the exam, and it is impossible to go home to eat at noon. At that time, my second brother had just gone home from work, but there was not much money. He searched the whole body, and found a total of two pieces of five cents, a big one with a split angle, all handed to my hand to give me lunch. He later did business in the town, the money was all loaned to the bank, but my living expenses have never been less, he seems to feel that no matter who I am, no one will take care of me. Sometimes, if you don��t have money, you will lend it to me. After I was in junior high school, I basically didn't go home. My father of learning never asked. The size of the family, the second brother is also the most worried about living in the county, when he is close to the big brother's house, and occasionally go to the big brother's house on the weekend. He will ask if I have any living expenses, and I will answer if I have it. He said that it was not enough for this month. I will answer enough if I don��t have enough. In fact, many times I have no money, I never open my mouth to borrow money from anyone. I ran back to my second brother in the town. He also asked me if I had it. I still answered. If the second brother will say something, then take some supplements. Every time I give it, it will be enough for me to use it for one semester. Until I finished high school, I dropped the list in the first year and re-read the third year of high school. Most of the tuition fees for living expenses during the whole school period were given by the second brother. The older brother occasionally gave some. The father never asked the final year of the college entrance examination from the cost to the study, and finally ended the days of the entire high school. The classmates are like birds that have been tied for a long time, some are traveling together, and some are gathering in groups. I don't want to go anywhere, I don't know where I am going, I have found that I haven't returned home for many years. When I think of home, I think of my second brother. He is doing business very busy, but he has never fallen in the size of his family. When he was busy, he still went back to his hometown to help his parents do farm work despite his busy business. Thinking of this, really, I am not a good daughter to finish the college entrance examination, it is the season of farming and weeding and weeding corn. I want to go back and help my parents do what they can, I thought but didn't say it. I usually have very little communication with my classmates. There are no friends, so there is no door to string. I am planning to go home and say at the same table that he wants to go to my house. The same table is a tall, thin, gentle and handsome big boy. We don��t usually talk much, and we don��t have much time to talk. There are always incomplete classes in high school. But no matter how I rush, I still can't keep up with everyone's footsteps. Maybe I am too stupid. I won't do the problem. He knows me and he will give me a detailed explanation. He doesn't understand him and asks the teacher or other classmates. At that time, the teachers were also very busy. There were many people in the self-study class, and the questions asked by each person were different. In 2008, the old family had a big snow and ice, very cold. Our location is by the window, the windows are not closed, we are very cold, the windows are closed, and the classroom is very stuffy. He opened the window, and I changed position, sitting on the windward opening of the window where I was supposed to sit. When the cold wind came, I shuddered and he stood up to block the cold wind. He lives outside the school, I live in the school dormitory, he said that the breakfast outside is delicious, and sometimes it will be put in my drawer. Occasionally he will get my dormitory downstairs on weekends. I have never done anything to him, and I have never paid anything. I feel that this is neither love nor friendship, but between true love and true friendship. It is a kind of germination that belongs to adolescence. Others are very good, but I think he is the most beautiful passenger in my life. He said that he wants to go to my house. I know my father's temper. I am going home with a big boy, and I will be embarrassed. But I always feel that this is the last time we met, and there will be no second time. I feel that he alone is not very good. He may be misunderstood. He will call another boy to go to my house with him. The two of them went to the cornfield with me and my mother to scribble Cheap Newport 100, and he would rush to do it in a difficult place in front of me. I wash the vegetables, he also intervened, I will help you when I bear the water Cigarettes For Sale Online Usa. Another boy doesn't talk, he should watch TV and watch TV. After playing for two days, they left after they left. I didn't go anywhere and continued to work with my parents at home. I am ready to be shackled by my father at all times. This string has been stretched tightly. Although I was prepared, I was still very scared. My father��s temper was very scary. When we were in the field, the parents of the same village who had just finished the college entrance examination saw me working at home, and they said that they were all I don't know where to go, praise me for being sensible. But I seem to feel it. I am here to welcome an unprecedented storm and baptism for many days. This storm is still not coming. I am a little anxious. Is it dark

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