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Author Topic: It is said that the baby
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Post It is said that the baby
on: April 7, 2019, 07:40

It is said that the baby's IQ boy is determined by the mother, and the girl is determined by both parents. Heaven is generous to me, let me be a girl, inherit the IQ of my mother and father, and let me be the mother of two boys, so that I can hand over my world to their hands, my native family father. When he was young, his temper and his temper were extremely harsh on his children. The mother is very kind, and she never loses her temper and does not swear. In the young days, fathers and mothers were almost two people in completely different worlds except for the kindness shared. When I was a child, I was very afraid of my father. I always tried to hide. I didn��t officially read my father��s eyes before I was 25 years old. I didn��t talk to my father calmly. I always feared that I would be beaten when I said something wrong, just like he was playing brother and sister. It seems very scary. Among his three sons and two daughters, I was the only child who had not been beaten by him, and the only child who had never reached out for him to spend money. When I was 9 years old, I started to go to elementary school. Every year, when he paid the tuition fee to others, he would no longer ask questions, including my grades, pen and ink. Until the fifth grade of elementary school, he stopped paying tuition fees. When I was young, my sister and I were married. She was five years older than me. She was good at fighting. She needed to pay for books at school or she needed to buy clothes. She would ask her parents. . She is also afraid of the sun, like to stay at home. Since I started to have memories, I have rarely been at home. Besides eating and sleeping, I spend most of my time outside the house when it rains. My family lives alone in the middle of the mountain, and basically there are no other children, so most of the time is also spent by one person. The memory before the age of 6 is mainly to climb the trees and rocks around the house, and occasionally play with a little brother who is three years older than himself. When he was six or seven years old, Tang��s family gave birth to a daughter. The mother raised a large group of ducks. I looked at the ducks and gave the children to the neighbors. Later, when I was a little bigger, the ducks were sold, and the children next door would walk without my back. I started to play wild vegetables, pigs, and firewood. After I was 9 years old, I started school. The language teacher came from the town. I said that I don��t wear clothes like people, and many children bully me. On the way to school, there was a small slag male in the same village who threw me with stones. At the same table, I squeezed me into the innermost part of the wall seat, leaving me only a book. I dare not resist, I am afraid they will make something worse. I dare not say that, by contrast, I am more afraid of my father's harsh eyes. My mother is too kind, and when I say that it is not used, I become more silent. I feel that silence can better protect myself. Because of silence, children of the same age are not willing to play with me. In childhood, there will be a lot of screaming noises. Those who are particularly provocative are boring and will be embarrassed to go away. In addition to going to school, I still have a lot of spare time, such as weekends. After school every day, after the summer and winter vacations, the most done is to dig herbs for sale. On the one hand, you can avoid the strict father. On the one hand, you don't have to stay at home to argue with your sister. On the other hand Marlboro 100S Carton, you can earn money to buy some necessities such as schoolbags and clothes. On the other hand, you can lie in the mountains and creeks. Flowers and grasses listen to the spring water, and are as free as a bird. In the fourth grade summer vacation, I bought a beautiful blue-green suit. I usually don't want to wear it. I am afraid that it will be dirty. But a girl in the same village usually likes to play with her sister. I suspect that I am silent and often call me "the yin valley". She saw that my new clothes were beautiful, so she borrowed clothes for me when she went to relatives, and I lent her. When she was still, she looked very gentle and said: "I have already cleaned your clothes!" I took the clothes and looked at them. The collar cuffs were sweaty everywhere, and my heart was particularly unhappy. But she was four years older than me, and her mouth was still very fierce. I thought of this and I slammed the fire that had come to my head. At that time, the big brother had graduated and was assigned to work in the county, and asked her sister to go to the county to play. My sister thought that my new clothes were beautiful and I also borrowed them to wear. After playing for a week, the big brother sent her sister back and looked at her sister��s clothes that didn��t fit well. ��Who is this dress?�� I said: ��My��. At that time Cheap Newport 100, the family was very poor, and it was very difficult to add a decent new dress. He said: "Where are you coming from?" I said, "I bought it myself!" I don't have any pride in my heart. I still have a good taste. I can at least dilute my grievances and unhappiness in my childhood. I am old, just after the Children's Day, I ushered in a thorough baptism. This has been a full 20 years now, but I still burst into tears whenever I think of it. It's not that I don't know how to let go, but I don't know where to put it. I have been avoiding my father��s stern eyes and growing up with my sister. I have grown up unconsciously. I am 13 years old. The summer sun, the sun is like blood Newports 100S Price, the grass is like a needle, the air is poisonous, the rain is like a whip. Clouds are like a knife! In that season, I was chopped in the natural world with a needle and a needle, but I couldn��t find the dumping outlet. I kept the day when I had lunch Cigarettes 100'S, I took it. The tool for digging herbs is like a bloody sun. I want to go to the grassy forest like a needle. When I just walked out of the house, I met another girl in the same village. She said that she came to call me to dig her herbs. . Although I used to go alone, listening to her saying that I can't refuse to accept it. I felt a little strange in my heart. There are several brothers in her family. She is a daughter. She is a full-fledged baby at home. She usually has more beautiful clothes. She usually ignores me. How can she call me and her in the cornfields higher than us today, and they start to look for the summer of the summer. When we are close, we occasionally say speak. After a long time, my heart began to jump straight. She only recognized Pinellia, and she dug it everywhere. She also dug under the corn roots of others, and also dig under the beans. I, dug this half-summer and dig it for many years, but I have never touched the others under the roots of the seedlings and even the roots of the seedlings. Because the seedlings that have no roots will die, she is also cursed by the master of the seedlings. She is very embarrassed and extremely selfish. I don't want to stay with her. I always feel that I will be unlucky soon after staying with her. I told her to run away if she didn't pay attention, and she caught up with it later. That day, I ran quietly in this way, and she ran several hills in her chase. Until the sun is about to set, we come to a hilltop and are planning to go home along the path Newport Menthol Shorts. She suddenly put her eyes on the light and pointed to a radish (sweet potato) under the hill. She sneaked into my ear and said that when people go back, we will quietly go to the radish. I said that it was very bad, she said nothing. After a while, the sun went down, and the women who pulled the grass in the radish seemed to have left. She licked my arm and ran to the radish, and came to the radish. She was daring and pulled the radish directly. I am still watching and watching. Standing in the radish field of

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