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Author Topic: Happy New Yea
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Post Happy New Yea
on: March 9, 2019, 02:18

Happy New Year, welcoming the New Year, and looking forward to the first snow in 2019 tonight, because the New Year, because of the arrival of the first snow, I feel very happy to embrace the snow and snow, I have a snow whenever I snow Kind of joy, forget anyone, anything, is pure love. Like the whiteness of snow, the snow is floating, she is the same for everyone. She descended from the sky Cheap Online Cigarettes, like a happy elf, she hugged you, kissed you, you don't pay attention to your neck, I gave you a little prank, and then jumped to your eyebrows. Your eyes are spinning around you Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. When you carefully hold her by hand, she disappears. It seems to be hiding from you. You only smiled at her in a silly manner, looking at her with deep affection... ... ���� white snow, silver wrapped, she decorated the world, let the world become pure and innocent when the flowers dance, I always jumped, it was a dance held in winter. The snow fluttering freely fluttered for her whiteness, for her holy soul, for her light dance. Unconsciously you will be integrated into the dance and dance with the snowflakes. Whenever the snow season, I will meet with my friends to take a snow scene. We feel like a child in the snow, we take a mobile phone, a camera pats here Buy Newports Online, pats there, squats in the snow, runs in the snow, and snows for a while. The ball is thrown into the distance... The album records a lot of happy figures in the snow! There are family members, friends, and children making snowmen... I smile and look at the album to recall the joy of snow, but also think of Some of the bitterness of the snow season that year was particularly cold in the winter of that year. The snow of that year was also very big. It was flying all over the sky, from day to night, watching the snow fluttering and looking at the direction of the distant hometown. Hawthorn, missed the tide! At this time, I am a stranger in a foreign land. I have the "Liangshan Cangshanyuan, the Tianhan White House is poor Newport Cigarettes Carton. The Chaimen smells the dog, the wind and the snow return to the people". The dim light shines. I am lonely on the balcony, thinking about family and friends, thinking about the scenes of talking and laughing around the hot pot... The sadness filled my heart! The warm tears slipped over the cheeks, when the snowflake seemed to pass the humanity, suddenly with the wind I have a large blockbuster, they hold me and kiss me, as if Comfort me tell me tomorrow will clear the snow, at first light, the sun came out! Then I reached the snow, the snow suddenly cool to the touch but no longer feel cold heart gets warm. Snowflakes are cold and so gentle, she gave me courage at this moment! It gave me a full of twists and turns, there will always be some time Newport Cigarettes Carton Price, some encounters make you feel overwhelmed, hesitant, embarrassed, even frightened or desperate Friends, please remember: waiting and suffering in the cold snow is not meaningless. As long as you work hard, there is nothing to stop! Look up at the sky, look at the sun from the dark clouds, and pick up the confidence and courage to move forward. After all, the end is far away, the dream is far away, and the future is far away.

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