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  • Welcome to ACP Games new website! We have endeavored to create a user friendly site to help you find/purchase your desired faction for Valkyrie! A little about ACP Games, Texas based miniature company focused on creating the best quality models for our fellow gamers, using the best technology available. We have partnered with many Rapid Prototyping companies to create the most advanced models possible. Nominally based on 15mm scale some models will be bigger, some smaller as needed by the designs. Using the best equipment, casting materials, and techniques, we endeavor to make something you as a modeler/gamer will be glad to spend your hard earned money on!

    We are working on a one(1), three(3), five(5) basis for all units/models. When you purchase a blister or box set, you will get a complete unit. A unit of one model (large things), or three models (special units), or five models/stands (average units). All of our models use food grade pewter, the best quality we can provide for the safety and casting quality to show the amazing detail our sculptors/modelers can provide.

    The Art Criminals:

    Crimelord (james jimbo burrell) has played miniature games for over 25 years. Starting with early fantasy battles, moving to sci-fi in the late 80’s. I have played just about every major and minor miniature game available.

    I worked for Reaper miniatures off and on for over 10 yrs, helping to design the original CAV universe. ACP is a chance for me to bring to life designs I have wanted to do for almost 10 years!!! Hope you like them! Enjoy!
    Mike Rushing (dicebreaker) multi-platform gamer, having played from cards to minis, Mike is our primary game designer, working on Valkyrie, unit stat design, and game quality. If you have a question about Valkyrie, he is THE go-to guy!

    Spending most of his spare time play-testing just about every idea we can come up with, he is an unsung hero for Valkyrie.