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Author Topic: plastering machine-plaster machine-painting machine-rendering machine-spraying machine
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Post plastering machine-plaster machine-painting machine-rendering machine-spraying machine
on: March 20, 2015, 03:59

plastering machine-plaster machine-painting machine-rendering machine-spraying machine

FOSHAN TUPO MACHINERY MANUFACTURER CO.,LTD locates in FOSHAN city of Guangdong Province China, where it is about 50 minutes from Guangzhou Airport and about 30 minutes from Canton Fair complex by car. The company focuses on the new innovative machinery in construction industry and keens on the research & development and manufacture of rendering machine for more than 9 years. We are the original inventor of Automatic Rendering Machine with 5 invention patents for now and are still applying for more patents for our new generation machine. We have a strong R&D teams to make us hold the lead in wall plastering industry, though we are always being imitated.
We persist in the enterprises spirit of Breakthrough, Innovation, Responsibility and Win-Win. Welcome the partners from all over the world, mutually create the future and the magnificence!
To learn more about our company and products, welcome to contact us.

TUPO Machine
– The new creation of wall plastering industry.
– The original inventor of automatic rendering machine in the world!
–The patented and qualified rendering machinery through out all over the world!
–The earliest manufacturer and seller of rendering machine in the world!
– Selling to more than 30 countries all over the world!

ADD:No.1 South Shengli Road Pingzhou Industry Park Nanhai District Foshan City Guangdong China.
Tel:+86 18675713755 (Hexy)
FAX: +86-757-86790492

Chicken ribs, eat meat with no hesitate to discard sth.. Use this word to describe the current situation of the domestic engineering machinery two mobile phone market can say more appropriate.
According to the Chinese Engineering Machinery Industry Association statistics, as of the end of 2013, the main products China engineering machinery retains the quantity is about 6110000 ~662 million. Behind these figures, hidden in a huge two mobile phone market. But because of the heavy constraints, today, its development is not just as one wishes.
The unsmooth circulation channel
Second-hand construction machinery sales are generally divided into three kinds, the first by the dealers themselves channel internal digestion, second is through the Tianjin, Shenzhen and so on two mobile phone terminal market treatment, third is the use of easy, Lee's brother and three party platform for the auction. Second-hand equipment sales channel mode is not perfect is one of the key problems affecting the orderly development of the industry. At present, the domestic trading volume of second-hand equipment over 80% are private transactions.
China engineering machinery industry association secretary general Su Zimeng once said, "the second-hand equipment trading also only stay in the shallow surface on one hand, hand delivery, the lack of corresponding equipment purchase contract constraint, luck is too large, the lack of protection of the interests of users. In addition, domestic second-hand construction machinery market access threshold is low, no relevant legal norms into equipment, no equipment evaluation agency authority of the second-hand equipment pricing, makes fraud equipment sale process exist for a long time. All sorts of problems always restrict the development of the two mobile phone industry in China the pace."
It is understood, in Chinese according to normal procedure, two in the mobile phone export customs caliber is must by law examination. In the method of inspection, if the device itself for the imported equipment is needed to provide import customs unit in order to justify the inspection personnel, at the same time also should check the equipment nameplate on the model to identify the equipment in. But the legal inspection can only prove its completeness, cannot prove its performance.
Because the private trading volume, method of inspection is not well supervised circulation direction and quality of two mobile phone. This has resulted in two mobile phone market at present, dragons and fishes jumbled together uneven, some good and some bad phenomenon, but also to the purchase of two mobile phone consumers have a higher risk of.
At present, the identification system in developed countries of Europe and the United States Japan all existing engineering machinery, is a new machine or the two mobile phone or re manufacturing equipment, through the identification system can track the investigation, at the same time for the machine itself is the problem, use fixed number of year, and other performance parameters can also be presented in a clear, let the whole construction machinery industry sales to become transparent.
President China Engineering Machinery Industry Association Qi Jun said, "with the amount of construction machinery on the market is increasing year by year, two mobile phone in the market circulation will become a normal. The association began to push the identity, learn from Europe and America, the factory when the sequence number of a identity recognition, this work is carrying out now, received strong support from the host production plant, we are ready to start the five products began to. Only by establishing the identification system, can accurately distinguish between a piece of equipment is secondhand or car."
Light tax transaction
As long as the two mobile phone in the market transaction, the tax is to be handed in, the domestic transactions are so, so is the export. It is understood, at present, the export of new machine in our country can retreat 17% value-added tax, but the two mobile phone export tax rebate has not said, this led to China's two mobile phone export markets rarely. Throughout the two mobile phone circulation of developed countries, Europe has 10% of the export tax rebate, Japan had 5% rebate, now increased to 8%, according to the equipment of recency rebate. If China can refer to other countries have a certain proportion of the tax rebate policy, will give the two mobile phone exports bring great role.
Taxes are also indirectly pushed up China two mobile phone prices, especially imported equipment, its price is higher, because the price includes the import tax of 17% and 8% of the value-added tax, consider a price of imported equipment 1/4 tax, when this device into the secondary market this part of the cost must be passed on to the two mobile phone consumers, if in the secondary market, consumers have to buy the equipment, he want to pay 17% of the value-added tax, the tax down for long time using layers of engineering machinery of consumers, a new machine costs to some extent is not more than two of your mobile phone number, and the performance of the new machine is more assured.
This also makes China's two mobile phone appeared transactions difficult problem at home.
The tax revenue is the price charged by the percentage, since like this, another problem appeared again, is the two mobile phone pricing. Now there is no domestic mobile phone of two unified pricing evaluation institution or organization. How to price, has become a key problem of two mobile phone on the market. The developed countries in Europe and America, the two mobile phone pricing is analyzed according to the rate of depreciation. According to the unified standards have a clear price, or will be for the future of the countries to promote the tax policy adjustment of two mobile phone market is favorable.
To promote energy saving and environmental protection
At present, the country has been actively promoting green manufacturing, in accordance with the reduction, reuse, recycle principle, efforts to reduce energy and resource consumption, improve resource utilization rate.
The personage inside course of study expresses, China's energy-saving environmental protection engineering machinery industry will face an important opportunity. New product series launched in recent years, energy saving and environmental protection has become an important direction of the development strategy of construction machinery enterprises. Whether it is from the reduce the burden on the environment, or break the barriers to foreign trade and other aspects to consider, energy saving and environment protection

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